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Our team can install, repair, and maintain asphalt roofing for local clients.

Asphalt is often used in the construction of roads, but that’s certainly not its only application. This material is a viscous form of petroleum that occurs during the process of refining oil. Since it’s a byproduct of a common and necessary practice, asphalt is readily available and easy to access. Roofing material manufacturers use it as well, as it helps to improve the longevity and durability of roofs. Asphalt shingles are common in the residential roofing world.

Asphalt Roofing in Charlotte, North Carolina

One advantage of asphalt roofing is its resistance to moisture. Since roofs are commonly exposed to moisture, it’s essential to have something in place that doesn’t allow it to seep through and impact the living space. The Charlotte, North Carolina area is prone to high humidity levels and heavy rainfall throughout the changing seasons, so roofs in this area must be moisture resistant. Additionally, asphalt roofing requires little maintenance and can last for years. It comes in a range of colors and styles, giving homeowners access to options that complement their structures.

Our team at Roofing By The Book, LLC can install, repair, and maintain asphalt roofing for local clients. We use high-quality materials to ensure every customer’s satisfaction and protection. You might be looking for a contractor to replace an existing asphalt roof or repair damage that has occurred after a storm. Our technicians are up for the task, and we won’t skip any steps or cut any corners. Give us a call for an estimate.

At Roofing By The Book, LLC, we proudly provide asphalt roofing services for clients located throughout Monroe, Waxhaw, Huntersville, Marshville, Wingate, Charlotte, Indian Trail, and Weddington, North Carolina.